I love animals above all else, my labrador Keeto and my main coon Keyla brights up my everyday life and I spend a lot of time in the woods gundog training with Keeto. I travel as soon as I get the opportunity, Australia and Italy are my favorite destinations for their amazing environment and because Italy has the greatest food there is! I never watch TV but gladly Netflix and tend to sing (loudly) in the car when nobody can hear me.

        My background as a graphic designer has characterized me a lot, I easily get stuck on all the amazing websites that offer backlit photos, stylish design and emotional expressions. In addition to being a crazy cat lady I’m also a structured person where design is important. I believe that photographs are made to be enjoyed in physical form, where albums are my personal favorite. I prefer colored photographs over black and white for most occasions.

        So, regardless of whether it’s a documentary of your and your partner’s great day where you celebrate with your friends and family and promise each other everlasting love and the celebration is going on until the sun has gone down and up again or if you want a bunch of really beautiful pictures of your partner in crime, but not getting married, I am the right person to contact if you, like me, value relationships. Love. To meet and to discuss. My great passion for meeting people has meant that I’m working exclusively with just people – I’ve specialized in portraits and works with both natural light and flash, with analog film and digital cameras.

        Working with me means straightforward and honest communication; I love to discuss ideas and to hear my clients’ stories. My curiosity and simplicity is apparent in my portfolio and my main focus, as a photographer, will always be to tell your story with my own unique touch and style. I want to capture that lover’s anticipation as they’re about to say their vows, grandparents pride as they see the grandkids grow up or the strength and the love in a family fighting disease. I want to portray real feelings between real people in a way that feels honest to you. Those are the kind of images you’ll want keep up on your wall or in an album to look back on and treasure forever.